Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire
1927 Phantom 1 Rolls Royce (ivory & black)

Dual Cowle Torpedo convertible, with an engine size approaching 8 litres. This Rolls Royce should not be confused with the small 3½ Litre Rolls that is normally used for wedding hire. She's a very striking vehicle that carries a rare sporting body of grand proportions as opposed to a formal body.

She carries twin side-mounted spare wheels and is still with original red leather interior.

This Grand Classic Phantom once belonged to Lord Harmsworth of the Daily Mail, and was used in the film Supergirl. She is gorgeous to say the least and tremendously elegant.

The vehicle opens and closes completely and with the bright work all in German silver she needs a full day to prepare for her grand appearance at your wedding.

The normal format for weddings using this vehicle is for a formally dressed and experienced chauffeur to arrive early at the bride's pick-up address with the top up.

Having carried the bride and her escort to the church/ceremony venue, the top will then be put down (weather permitting), leaving the Phantom in its' opened elegance. This allows for unique photographs that will cement the events of your special day for lifetimes to come.

Your car will be presented, as a real Rolls Royce should be. You will be travelling in a luxury car - a similar car to this sold in the US for $1,200,000.

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