Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire

Film Work:

The owner of A1 Rolls Royce Vintage & Classic Care Hire is well experienced in this field, having performed in many productions as a chauffeur with a number of vehicles over the years (as well as speaking parts, and an action driver on sets). We are not restricted to these cars, and can produce most Rolls Royce and Bentley of any age. We would be very pleased to discuss any forthcoming film work.

Advertising / Promotional Work:

Over the years we have done a good amount of advertising and promotional work using our vehicles and would be pleased to quote for this.

Music Videos:

We have supplied a number of cars for music videos and again will be pleased to quote for similar work.

Exotic Tours:

We have toured with tourists around England, Ireland and Scotland with our classic cars. We have also toured on the Continent with clients for both pleasure and promotional work. We would be delighted to quote for these requirements.

Incidentally, our cars won the Concur de Elegance out of 52 entries in San Martiz.

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